Last Wednesday the Commission elaborated on proposals for the future EU budget concerning the Social fund, the Globalisation Adjustment fund and the Justice, Rights and Values fund. The core of the reform is to create more flexible and adapted funds for European citizens.

Thus, the ESF will become ESF+ which will be the result of various current funds’ merge: the ESF and The Youth Employment Initiative, the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived, the EU programme for Employment and Social Innovation and the EU Health Programme. This brand-new fund would be focusing on the people’s needs, strengthened social rights and soften rules and procedures to speed up processes and line up to social innovation’s speed that often requires flexibility and ability to adapt quickly.

The post-2020 European Globalisation Adjustment Fund will expand its area of expertise and soften its conditions. Not only workers facing unemployment due to changing trade patterns or consequences of the financial and economic crisis will benefit from the fund but also those who face restructuring caused by automation, digitalisation, among others. This proposal is an answer to the current labour market situation, facing new challenges every day.

The third fund concerned by this fundamental reform is the Justice, Rights and Values fund. The Commission wants a fund focusing on education, fighting inequalities and strengthening the European cooperation to fight criminality and terrorism. It follows the European wave of radicality and extremism that has been going on all over Europe this past decade.

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