From 9-10th of May, our "sister" project SOCENTSPAs is co-organising a 2-day event on social entrepreneurship, social finance and depopulation in Europe in Soria, Spain.

Just a century ago Europe was rapidly moving from being a rural and agrarian society to an urban and industrial society. Nowadays, in a context of economic and social globalization, this trend has reached such a degree that many remote, mountainous and sparsely populated rural areas, with an aging population and structural and permanent deficits, are increasingly showing their economic and social marginality, As a consequence of the above, these regions face their imminent and complete depopulation.
The Soria conference will address the problem of depopulation in Europe, from a positive and hopeful point of view, showcasing succesfull practices in the fight against depopulation, as well as presenting the most advanced policies in this area and the new financial and investment tools to promote social entrepreneurship and social innovation, the new economy that has to become the engine of sustainable development of these deprived rural areas of Europe.
The English agenda is available here.
Simultaneous translation in Spanish and English is foreseen. Conference participation fee of 25 €.
More information and registration via