The machines have started demolishing the last three houses that were left in El Campillo area, where there are going to be built 35 single-family homes, the largest real estate development in the old town of Badajoz.

The Municipal Real Estate Agency has been demolishing buildings in this area for a long time, but these were left standing because they were occupied by the owners. After the negotiations, the Municipal Real Estate Agency reached an economic agreement with them to leave. Its elimination supposes to end all the buildings that had to disappear in order to start the recovery of this area.

The houses that are in the lower part, which are old as well, can access to a municipal rehabilitation grant.

The elimination of the last dwellings is a boost to the new housing development of the city. It is around this where much of the urban regeneration of the area is based on.

It is still soon to start the construction of the new homes. The next step is hiring the archaeological works of this place.

During the state of alarm that Spain has lived, the City Council has been advancing the documentation to get more contracts in the area once the National Government lifts the administrative break.

Impending works

Thus, the Council will build six homes on Jarilla street for 754,335 euros. The construction of another four multifamily houses on Eugenio Hermoso street (237,990 euros), another four at number six on Jarilla street for 380,226 euros, five more on Concepción Arenal street for 385,947 euros and another two on San Lorenzo street will be put out to tender for 79,965 euros. All these houses, plus the archeology of the area next to the Espantaperros tower, it is a total amount of 2,249,723 euros that the Municipal Real Estate will tender.

On the other hand, there are five other small developments already underway, of which four are under construction. The Municipal Real Estate expect to finish two more this summer on San Lorenzo street, while a new apartment block will be ready on Calle Costanilla in October.