Experts from Regional Energy Agency North will guide and support citizens and SMEs through application for co-financing energy retrofit projects of buildings.       

Citizens and SMEs who plan energy retrofit of family houses, multi-apartment buildings or similar objects, or installation of systems using renewable energy sources (e.g. heat pumps and PV modules), can receive support in REAN's office in Varazdin.

From 6th February, when the office was officially opened, all interested parties can receive free technical support and guidance in applying for tenders for energy retrofit of family houses and multi-apartment buildings, then assessing the existing condition of the building/house and suggestions for increasing energy efficiency and assisting with planning the construction of the new building/house with fulfilling the nZEB standard.

Also, REAN provides information on published tenders for co-financing energy retrofit or installation of systems using renewable energy sources, estimating the amount of investment planned for an energy retrofit, informing about the building designers, assessing the eligibility of a building for energy retrofit based on the conditions of the published tender and advice to citizens to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency in their households.

Due to upcoming tenders for the energy retrofit, an increased number of citizens who will seek technical service is expected, but REAN's goal for the future is also to help vulnerable groups, such as energy-poor households and social tenants, to improve their quality of life by applying on tenders for energy retrofit of their dwellings.