The Junta of Extremadura will have as one of its priorities in the future the rehabilitation of housing because of the labor, economic and sustainable momentum that it can brings to the region, as explained by the Minister of Mobility, Transport and Housing, Leire Iglesias, at the inauguration of FICON 2019, Iberian Building sector Exhibition.

“Investing in rehabilitation is profitable in every way,” said Iglesias, since “each euro invested generates 85% more additional economic activity, for every 100 euros we promote in subsidies from public administrations, we end up recovering 111 euros via taxes or via wealth generation. In addition, efficiency is increased by 30%. ”

The Minister has set as an example of success the program to promote the energy rehabilitation of existing housing (PEEVE in Spanish) that will invest 16 million over the next year, with the performance in 5,000 homes in the region. He has also highlighted the program Regeneration and Urban and Rural Renovation Extremadura (Renervis) "as a space for reflection that will mark the line of the home of the future".

In fact, she has urged the rest of the Public Administrations to participate in a debate on the evaluation of the housing plans of the region whose validity ends in 2021: “future plans in which the rehabilitation and energy efficiency charge a special prominence".

“We must not only think of an absolutely decarbonized housing stock in 2050, which must be one of those sustainable development goals that set our agenda, but also reflect on the prosperity of the construction sector in urban models, how we want to live to have efficient and sustainable cities in the economic aspect and to live with a better quality of life too”, said the Minister.

Source: Junta de Extremadura