These actions involve an investment of more than 7 million within the line of Aid for Urban and Rural Regeneration and Renovation (ARRUs), which includes an urban improvement of the environment.

The Junta de Extremadura faces the final stretch of the construction works of 28 new social homes in Almendralejo and 9 in Villanueva de la Serena. This was announced by the Director General of Architecture and Building Quality, Alfonso Gómez Goñi, in his appearance at his own request before the Mobility, Transport and Housing Commission of the Parliament of Extremadura.

These actions, which will involve a regional and state investment of 7.2 million euros, are part of the Urban and Rural Regeneration and Renovation Aid (ARRUs) of the State Housing Plan 2018-2021. "These are exceptional performances in very deteriorated homes whose rehabilitation is not possible and the integration of the neighborhood in the municipalities is sought," said Gómez Goñi.

The General Director has also indicated that the fundamental objective is to solve two problems: that of the sub-housing and that of social cohesion in the neighborhood. The two projects will provide a significant urban improvement through a reduction in the volume of the building and the creation of two places as free spaces for public use.

Gómez Goñi has stressed that “this project acts as a regenerating seed that expands through the multiplier effect of the action, with more comfort for families in homes with a more efficient dwellings, so that energy poverty is also fought” .

At the same time, he pointed out that "the Junta has a commitment to rehabilitation so the people can live in downtowns in a sustainable and integrated way and revitalize these areas".

The new dwellings meet all the requirements of the Technical Building Code and, in addition, have the B energy certification since they have a condensing boiler, individual heating, high efficiency air conditioning and maximum performance in thermal and acoustic insulation.


The Ministry of Mobility, Transportation and Housing will deliver 9 new social housing in the area of ​​Los Conquistadores in Villanueva de la Serena. In addition, 31 homes have already been built in that area, so the global action includes the demolition of 54 homes in poor condition and the construction of another 40 with an investment of 3,957,638 euros, of which the Junta contributes 1,879,527 Euros.

The single family homes have 90 useable square meters and the apartments in multifamily buildings have 53. There will also be urbanized land for 135 homes in total. The delivery is planned for February 2020 and the construction of these 40 homes has generated 56 direct and 140 indirect jobs.

In the capital of Tierra de Barros, 3,258,282 euros will be invested for the construction of 28 homes and the demolition of 54 in poor condition. The Junta will contribute 2,423,763 euros in this case. The houses, which will have an average useable area of ​​45 square meters and a cost of 35,000 euros, will be delivered in December 2019. Its construction has generated 42 direct and 105 indirect jobs.

These actions are managed by Urvipexsa, a public company under the Ministry of Mobility, Transportation and Housing. Urvipexsa thus acts as a kind of bank for relocated families, since it allows the payment of housing in a deferred manner for 25 years without any interest.

Source: Junta de Extremadura