The Ministry of Mobility, Transport and Housing has highlighted the "good reception" of the grants contemplated in the Program for the promotion of energy rehabilitation of existing housing (PEEVE) that has received 2,498 applications, which would exhaust the initial credit of this second announcement.

The total amount allocated for this second call, amounts to 15.8 million euros.

The regional Government has said that the "good reception" of this program and the benefit that it brings to the citizens "are accredited by detecting that, in just three months, the number of applications has increased by almost 500 with respect to the previous call.

Also, the Governement has indicated that the closing of the call facilitates the speeding up of the resolution procedures.

In addition, the regional Executive explained that with the publication of the amendment of Decree 137/2013 of the Extremadura Rehabilitation and Housing Plan 2013-2016, the autonomous community included a new funding program, which is the Energy Rehabilitation Promotion Plan for Existing Housing.

The purpose of these grants, financed by 80 percent by ERDF funds, is the development and promotion of actions to improve the energy efficiency of housing, which will reduce the number of vulnerable households and consumers, framed within the concept of energy poverty.

This programme aims to "promote energy saving and reduce greenhouse gas emissions", within a context of sustainable growth, as well as increase the quality of the building, improve the health of the owners and increase comfort of users and adapt existing housing to the new building codes.

Source: HOY