Cáceres has hosted an International Congress on the Right to Housing: 'Building the Right to Housing'. The meeting had the support of UN Habitat, the program of the United Nations that works to achieve a sustainable urban development. It was held on the 27th and 28th of March 2019 in the Complex San Francisco of Cáceres, and counted on more than 25 experts from Spain, Europe and Latin America.
The San Francisco de Cáceres Complex was converted during two days at the epicenter of the debate on urban policies and territorial of public administrations. Building the Right to Housing aimed to address one of the great challenges that society faces currently, the right to decent housing, which after the crisis of 2008 has acquired a new dimension, especially in Spain.

Issues such as depopulation, emancipation and the precariousness of young people, or the inclusion of people with disabilities or women victims of violence of gender; related to social housing were addressed too.

Declaration of Cáceres
A document with 30 articles to put at the center of the political agenda the problem of housing. José Mujica, member of the Honor Committee of the Congress and former president of Uruguay, has been the first signatory of the declaration, in addition to Guillermo Fernández Vara, president of the Junta de Extremadura, who signed the document with his signature during the first day of the
The Declaration of Cáceres has as its fundamental objective promote legislative development so that the right to housing be enforceable before the Courts of Justice. You can download the document here.