On November 26 2018, South Muntenia RDA as partner of Social Green project ,organized the 4th and 5th Local Stakeholder Group Meeting at the County Council in Ploiesti City, Prahova County.

The meeting was attended by 40 participants, representatives of local Public Authorities from five counties in South Muntenia Region: Arges, Dambovita, Iaomita, Prahova and Teleorman, including the representative of Mizil Municipality, the former Project Partner – Mrs. Petronela Sturz.

The aim of the 4th and 5th Local Stakeholder Group meeting was to complete the identification of Objectives and Actions for the Action Plan, as well as to present the good practice catalogue. In the same time, within the meeting, the Local Stakeholder Group representatives were informed about the conclusions of the 5th transnational meeting organised in Alba Iulia, Romania.

The meeting began with a presentation of the Social Green project, the participants were reminded of the project objective, the project budget, the project consortium and they were informed of the activities carried out since the last LSG Meeting. Also, there were presented the steps of the second stage of the project, the implementation stage of the South Muntenia Action Plan.

The SM RDA representatives and Mrs. Petronela Sturz, representing the Mizil Municipality, who attended the 5th project meeting in Alba Iulia, Romania in June 2018, presented the main conclusions of that meeting. Also, the best practices presented in Alba Iulia, Romania were disseminated to the representatives of Stakeholder Group.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the Action Plan developed by SMRDA, the vision, purpose, motivation, objectives, actions and measures that the Agency can put into practice and accomplish with the help of the Stakeholders Group. The Stakeholders were asked to contribute to the modification and / or implementation of the Action Plan. The Action Plan structure was approved by the Stakeholders. The meeting concluded with a presentation of the online best practice catalogue.