On Tuesday, the 30th October, in cooperation with Regional Energy Agency North, the city of Varaždin hosted the 5th Local Stakeholder Group meeting within the project "Regional Policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector" (acronym Social Green) financed by Interreg Europe.

Social Green addresses the issue of the social housing sector and its improvement through increasing energy efficiency. At the fifth meeting, an action plan was presented, a key project document containing measures and goals to improve the state of the social housing sector at local, regional and national level. Also, there was a discussion about examples of different ways of implementing measures in other countries and their copies to Croatia and the City of Varazdin and about the advantages and disadvantages of defining each measure. It is important to note that REA North, for the needs of the City of Varaždin as part of this project, is working on the conceptual solution for a new building intended for social housing.

The conclusion of the meeting is that the social housing sector is a burning issue that must not be ignored or neglected and that the presented measures need to be implemented as soon as possible.