The meeting with the Group of local stakeholders was jointly organized by Social Green together with LOCARBO, both Interreg Europe projects.

This was due to the complementarity between the themes: “Greening the Social Housing sector” (SOCIAL GREEN) and “Supporting energy consumers’ behaviour change towards a low carbon economy” (LOCARBO). Also, Alba Iulia Municipality participated in both projects as a project partner.

Discussions started with the LSG about the status of the Action Plan draft. Both project teams have presented the actions included into their Action Plans. It was a very good opportunity for the stakeholders to realize the above-mentioned complementarity of these two Interreg Europe projects also in terms of the actions to be implemented with the same scope of influencing the Regional Operational Program.

The local stakeholders were very active in suggesting relevant inputs in the contents of the Action Plan at the current stage. Relevant key topics were also discussed to be included in the Action Plan and, discussions were also held over the roles of the LSG in the Action Plan implementation. Following the discussions, some other stakeholders to be included in the Local Group were identified.

During this meeting, the draft has been discussed in detail with the stakeholders and even some specific actions were proposed to be included in it that will help to improve and implement regional policies for social housing.