On July 26, the fourth meeting of local stakeholders took place in the offices of the General Directorate of Architecture in Mérida within the Social Green project.

At the meeting, organized by AGENEX in collaboration with Junta de Extremadura, conclusions were exchanged on the 5th Social Green Project meeting organized in June by the Municipality of Alba Iulia, Romania.

The latest advances and improvements of the Action Plan of Extremadura were discussed in terms of social housing, as well as the final steps to finalize its design and write the implementation of the planned actions. One of the main actions will be the creation of a demand database and a White Paper of Social House demand in Extremadura which will help, the managing authority to decide about new projects implementation regarding construction of new social housing with high energy efficiency standards.

All Social Green partners are finalizing their corresponding action plans, which will be presented before the end of 2018 and will be implemented in the second phase of the project that will begin in March 2019.