On June 27th and 28th, Social Green’s project coordinator Ryan Weber participated in back-to-back events in Florence, Italy. The first day’s event was titled Interregional Cooperation for Energy Transition, which was organized by the INTERREG Europe projects SET-UP, VIOLET, and REBUS. On the second day, INTERREG Europe’s Policy Learning Platform held a Thematic Workshop at Energy Efficiency in Buildings. “During both events, I was able to present about the challenges of our partners in the Social Green Project for investing in Social Housing in their local communities”, said Mr. Weber. 

"Social Green partners share common challenges relating to a lack of capacity and support for applying for regional and European funds, and the application process is often characterized by its inflexibility, administrative burden and shortage of attractive funding opportunities. In the Social Green Project, we are currently working on a report for further investigate and describe these problems, which we look forward to releasing in the fall. In the meantime, we were able to help push this discussion forward to the point that INTERREG Europe is now planning a specific event to discuss and debate challenges associated with financing energy efficiency in buildings, and will include key actors at the European level. This is a great development, and it’s a timely one considering that the European and Commission and Regional Managing Authorities are about to start developing the financial and strategic frameworks for how regional funds will be allocated during the next programming period, between 2021 and 2027.”  

The Social Green Project looks forward to participating in upcoming discussions for financing energy efficiency in buildings and please keep an eye on our website in the fall when we publish a report on this important issue.