The Alba Iulia project meeting took place from June 13 to 14 in Alba Iulia with the participation of all SOCIAL GREEN project partners from the 6 partner countries.

Welcome and Study visits

The first day of the event represented an opportunity for the different stakeholders in Alba Iulia to make presentations on social housing and energy issues in Alba Iulia, while in the second part of the day, Alba Iulia organized a study visit where all the members of the project had the opportunity to visit four social housing sites in the Romanian city.

Study visits in Alba Iulia (Romania)


The study visit was a success since the project partners provided positive feedback regarding the situation of social housing in the city.

You can read more about the new results of the integrated self-assessment of Social Green here.

Partners meeting

The second day was reserved for the project partners to present the status of their Local Action Plans and local activities carried out and also to attend a presentation made by the Alba Local Agency - ALEA. 

In the second part of the day, the interested parties had the opportunity to visit the Alba Carolina Citadel, rehabilitated with EU funds in the last 7 years, and to know about future social housing projects in Alba Iulia.

Main conclusions

Social housing in Alba Iulia is in a good situation and with the help of EU funding (Regional Operational Program) is about to improve. The energy efficiency problems related to social housing were also raised and are expected to be addressed in the future, especially in the oldest social housing buildings in Alba Iulia.

The situation of the Local Action Plans of all project partners reveals that they are currently under development and the 5th Social Green project meeting in Alba Iulia was very useful to show the status of each project partner.

In conclusion, the event in Alba Iulia took place optimally and the project partners were very satisfied with the results of the event.