The third meeting of the stakeholder committee of the SOCIAL GREEN project was held on March 29. This meeting was organized jointly with the FINERPOL project (also financed by Interreg Europe), which is being developed by the Center for Engineering and Product Development (CEiiA), which focuses on the topic "Financial instruments for energy renovation of buildings". The meeting was held at the CEiiA facilities in Matosinhos (Portugal) and was attended by the IFRRU 2020 management team with the presentation "IFRRU 2020: financial instrument for urban revitalization and rehabilitation".

Given the obvious synergies between the SOCIAL GREEN and FINERPOL projects, the debate promoted with regional stakeholders focused, to a large extent, on the potential and limitations faced by existing financial instruments, with an emphasis on the IFFRU 2020 role in housing rehabilitation social, ensuring the improvement of their energy efficiency conditions.

In the strict scope of the SOCIAL GREEN project, topics were discussed such as the projects identified by the various entities as possible good energy efficiency practices in social construction, and the strategy of the Regional Action Plan of the project, which will have as a general objective the promotion of sustainable and energy efficient homes in the North Region of Portugal.

This is not the first time that both coincide. Last January, Social Green and Finerpol projects organized a joint interregional event in Estonia in which they shared experiences and good practices in financing social housing.