Bucharest and Alba Iulia work towards energy efficiency

The first study visit brought Social Green to District 1 in Bucharest, where they are currently funding several social housing retrofit projects with national funds and have produced impressive results: Almost 900 buildings have been renovated during the program so far, totaling 42 553 apartments. Prior to the retrofit, many of these buildings were in the D&G energy classes in 2008, compared to an average grade of B&C class in energy efficiency in most western countries. Going forward, District 1 has a plan to finalize 180-250 buildings within the next 3 years, and this will add up to an estimated total savings of approximately 50% in both energy consumption and CO2 emissions for heating. Alba Iulia which is a Social Green partner is currently starting a project towards greening their social housing together with Social green project. They are now in the process of finalizing their self-assessment and deciding upon strategic actions to carry out in connection with the project. 

All seven local partners in the project have now analyzed the state of the art concerning social housing and greening potentials in their area. This analysis aims to point out the commonalities and particularities between the partners and these will be summarized in a joint Self-Assessment Report. In the next months, the Report will be published and disseminated on the Social Green website. The next project meeting takes place in September in Croatia, where the project partners will gather good examples of energy efficiency improvements in their local social housing sectors. These good cases will be collected and combined with worldwide examples in the Social Green good Practice catalogue, to be released in mid-2018.