Lapland University of Applied Sciences is the northernmost university of applied sciences in the EU. It has three campuses in the Arctic cities of Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi, located in Finnish Lapland. Lapland UAS focuses in managing with Arctic conditions and our activities are based on entrepreneurial and business-driven approach. LAPLAND UAS’s is an internationally recognized educator, developer and partner.

The university provides tertiary level education at 4 departments (Social Services, Health and Sports; Industry and Natural Resources; Business and Culture; Hospitality and Tourism), and applied research in all these areas. Lapland UAS is one of the leading Finnish universities of applied sciences considering R&D, having about 100 ongoing projects funded from external funds. From our R&D projects, 25 % are international.  

Key figures of the university are:

  • annual turnover 50 million euros
  • annual volume of research, development and innovation activities around 5-8 million eur
  • around 500 employees
  • around 5000 students


The unit implementing the SOCENT SPAs project is The Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) which is a unique combination of all levels of tourism education (Vocational-Bachelor-Master-PhD) as well as innovative R&D activities in the field of tourism. The Institute comprises the tourism research of the University of Lapland; the Hospitality and Tourism education of Lapland University of Applied Sciences; and the vocational education at the Lapland Tourism College.