According to a survey from the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Etla), approx. 19 000 Finnish businesses possess characteristics of social enterprises. One good example is the mummobussi transport service offered by two Lappish shopkeepers.

The distance from Pirttikoski to next shop is 40 km, especially elderly people without cars or bus connection are left without any possibility to do their shopping themselves. So the Rinne brothers, who are shopkeepers from Rovaniemi, organized a ‘mummobussi’ iegrannybus to enable those without a car to do their shopping. For 45 years, the bus has been operating and has enabled inhabitants of small villages to do their shopping. The bus picks them up from home, takes them to the shop and brings them back to their doorstep.

You can check the video here and below you can find the video transcription:


Distance to the nearest shop up to 40 km

No cars, no buses

What did a K-market shopkeeper do?


K-Market Rinne’s grannybus has transported the inhabitants of outlying villages to the shop and back for 45 years

Shopkeeper talking: We have this kind of slogan ‘it is know also in the south that in Lapland has great slopes’ (the shopkeepers’ name Rinne translates in English to slope)

Elderly lady talking: Nowadays we are only a very small group. Back in the days there were more of us, but not anymore because the village is emptying at great speed.

Shopkeeper talking: The term grannybus came from a local bus driver, who used to drive this route and filled in his worksheet writing ‘five hours driving granny bus’. So the idea of course is to pick them up from home, they do their shopping and are brought back home.

Elderly lady talking: Otherwise we would not get milk at all, if the bus didn’t exist. She doesn’t have a car and neither do I, so this is a really crucial thing. We’re really grateful for this service. So thanks to the shopkeepers.

Shopkeeper talking: One granny was already in such bad condition that I used to carry first her shopping into the house and after that I carried her into the house as well. I think this is a long-awaited service.

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