Representatives of municipalities, regions, local and regional NGOs were invited to Business Breakfast focused on Financial Instruments for Social Entrepreneurship. The event was organized in Roznava, Gemer region, Slovakia 10th April 2018. Almost 40 participants took part.

Four speakers introduced themselves and their role in SEenvironment. First of them Michal Polak, representative of Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic was involved into the working group developing new Act on Social Economy and Social EntrepreneursHe presented financial instruments available after implementation of legislation.

Acting mayor of the municipality of Raslavice, Marek Rakos, introduced good practice and example of Raslavice municipaly where he started municipal social entrepreneurship three years ago and now this social enterprise employs 90 people who were somehow disadvantaged for open labour market.

All speakers were part of discussion panel and their contributions raised many question from auditorium. Raslavice started without any legislative support using available sources and instruments.

Other two speakers are representatives of financial bodies providing repayable financial funds/instruments to support social business on preferential conditions as compared with ordinary loans. Jana Vlašičová took part on behalf of Slovenská Sporiteľňa and Mikuláš Kresánek represented cooperative Social Innovators.

Both of them also offered cooperation in the process of development of business plan for social enterprise.