Last week we gathered again all the project teams, this time in Roznava (Slovakia). Our host city is approximately 71 kilometres (44 miles) by road from Košice in the Košice Region, and has a population of 19,505.

The town is an economic and tourist centre of the Gemer. Rožňava is now a popular tourist attraction with a beautiful historic town centre. The town is an episcopal seat. It has above all food, textile and remnants of mining industries. 

11 April 2018 

First day of workshop  offered space for sharing information on legal framework and financial instruments in all project partner countries. Partners from Slovakia, Germany, Finland and Spain presented current legal status for social economy, defined strenghts, weaknesses and challenges. As we have seen, every country is in completely different position.

Group work focused on development of training business plan brought various ideas for every projectre gion that are comingout of regional reference basis in Brandenburg (Germany), Lapland (Finland), Soria (Spain) and Gemer (Slovakia).

12 April 2018 

All partners presented good practices/examples from their region. As for Slovakia, we visited social entrepreneurship Laundry and Ironing provided by The Association of Young Roma in Valaska (photo).

The Association of Young Roma is a non-profit organization, which enters actively into all processes connected with Roma communities in Slovakia. AYR realised a research on the Roma population living style and conditions to find as exact picture about the situation of Roma population in Slovakia.

The principal goal of AYR is to unify the intellectual potential of young Roma generation and the direct help with the social and working inclusion into society. The philosophy is based on the systematic and long-term influence on Roma population, physically and socially disadvantaged citizens and low-income families through various projects and programs.