Lapland is the largest province in Finland, with a relatively small population considering the area. Lapland covers 30 % of Finland’s area, but only 3 % of the country’s population lives in Lapland. Population density in Lapland is about 2 people/km2, while in the whole of Finland the density is 17,64 people/km2. Population density varies greatly in different parts of Finland. In the region of Uusimaa, in which the capital Helsinki is located, density is the highest in Finland with 170 people/km2, while lowest population density can be found in Lapland.


The employment rate in Lapland is 65 %. The biggest employer is the private sector (49%), municipalities follow with 30 % and entrepreneurs are third with 12 % portion.


Lapland's biggest sector of employment is the health care and social service sector, as one of the main employers is the Lapland Central Hospital, located in Rovaniemi. This is followed by the processing sector, business services as well as trade. Exports from Lapland make up 3.8 billion euros, which is 7 % of Finland's total exports.


Tuesday 23rd of May

Place Multidimensional Tourism Institute, Viirinkankaantie 1, Rovaniemi

08:40 Pick-up from hotel and transfer to meeting place

09:00 Welcoming words and coffee

Antti Honkanen, director of the institute

Mervi Nikander, head of strategy development, Regional Council of Lapland

10:00 Presentation of study findings and discussion

Marlene Kohllechner-Autto will present the study report outcomes

12:00 Lunch, restaurant Soppa ja Sumppi

13:15 Visit to Lapin Kuntoutus Ltd

Lapin Kuntoutus Ltd is one of two holders of the Social Enterprise Mark in

Lapland. Eija Räihä and Kati Itkonen will tell us more about their

organization and what effect the Social Enterprise Mark has had on their


15:00 Visit to the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village

17:00 Transfer to hotel

19:00 Joint dinner, restaurant Nili

Dinner will be offered and hosted by the Finnish partner

Wednesday 24th of May

Place Sodankylä, Pohjoisimman Lapin Leader, Sompion Tähti cooperative

and Sodankylä central kitchen

9:00 Pick up from hotel, transfer to Sodankylä

10:30 Visit to Pohjoisimman Lapin Leader

Hanna-Leena Talvensaari will tell us about their Leader group and the

current state of social enterprises in rural areas.

12:00 Lunch, Päivin Kammari

13:00 Visit to Sompion Tähti

Tiina Kärjä-Lahdensuu will present to us the Sompion Tähti cooperative,

which operates in Sodankylä and its surrounding villages.

14:15 Visit to Sodankylä Keskuskeittiö (Sodankylä central kitchens)

Merja Ahola and Airi Keränen will introduce us to the operational model of

the central kitchen and how the use of local ingredients affects their

customers and the local community.

15:15 Transfer back to Rovaniemi

18:00 Outdoor dinner at traditional Finnish lean-to, grilling sausages and

tasting local delicacies (vegetarian options will be provided)

Thursday 25th of May, departure of participants