Dear readers,

we are in an unprecedented time with the Corona Virus COVID-19 and all its consequences. We hope that all our readers are safe and we would like to reach out to you and give a short feedback.

Most of our project partners are in home office and continue working from there. The studies will be followed-up and carried out as planned. As far as this is possible.

However, the virus naturally also has an impact on our project activities. Stakeholder workshops have to be postponed or rescheduled (time or format), the site visit in Antwerp postponed and due to the increased need for coordination, our feedback can take a little longer.

However, the project team continues to do everything to ensure that the project continues as normal as possible. You can still reach us by e-mail and phone and we will be happy to answer your project related questions.

In case of questions that directly affect the respective port and its further processes in times of COVID-19, we kindly ask you to contact the port authorities or the responsible contact person directly. Most port authorities, administrations or governments have information on their websites.

Stay safe and healthy - and keep in touch!

Your SMOOTH PORTS project team