The Northern Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority System held a virtual stakeholders' meeting on November 18th 2020. The attendees came from various areas, such as: Health Office, Customs Agency (regional and local), regional Phytosanitary service, Border Control Police for customs and financial controls, Veterinary office, local Coast Guard office and the Information Communication Technology service provider.

During the first session of the meeting on the digitalisation of checks and control procedures through Port Community Systems (PCS) the TPCS was presented. Local stakeholders were engaged in a global assessment of control needs and verification of steps undertaken in port terminals. While these activities are not financed through the Smooth Ports project, the increased efficiency of controls and digitalisation of inspection data in the PCS have a positive effect on the project activities. Stakeholders expressed their interest to stay informed on updates on these topics, including the new system for the Veterinary office based on TRACES.

The second session of the  stakeholder meeting then was used to update the participants on the progress of the Smooth Ports project ativities. Mr Di Meglio highlighted the value and significance of Good Practices in the framework of Interreg Europe and presented the Livorno examples. Furthermore, stakeholders were informed about the CO2 emissions' levels calculations, which is a specific outcome of the Smooth Ports project. Illustrating the environmental impact of control procedures within the port. 

The stakeholders were then invited to join the virtual study visit of the Port of Antwerp, to take place during the next virtual get-together on December 3rd 2020. The Port Authority is committed to keep stakeholders informed on the project's progress.

Photo credit:  Gerd Altmann on Pixabay