On October 15, the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea and the Municipality of Monfalcone signed an agreement to jointly develop activities of the respective offices to improve the sustainability of the local territory. The agreement was signed by Zeno D' Agostino and Anna Maria Cisint in their respective roles as President of the Authority and Mayor of Monfalcone.

The partners cooperate to achieve the objectives set out by the SMOOTH PORTS activities in their region. It also underlines the commitment of Monfalcone and Trieste to promote a common environmental sustainability policy. Specific measures have already been identified within the port area and the means of goods movement therein, e.g. using alternative fuels or technologies for the movement of goods and possibly providing electrical power supplies at the docks.

The recent announcement of the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) to become the first shareholder of the Trieste logistics platform, underlines the perspective of integrated logistics and port networks between the ports of northern- and southern Europe, in addition to a well-connected intermodal hinterland.

For more information, please refer to the Italian newspaper article, video and press releases hereunder:

Video with short statement (Italian):

Zeno d' Agostino:

"We have signed an agreement that is part of an increasingly strong and consolidated relationship with Monfalcone. The management is at the Municipality of Trieste, but we care about the involvement of the Municipality of Monfalcone. The Smooth Ports project becomes a fundamental reality of this relationship that gives a direction to environmental sustainability, in which we are investing as much as port authorities and in which we need territorial collaboration. It is the right opportunity to continue this path and strengthen the relationship."

Major Anna Maria Cisint:

"I express great satisfaction for the protocal that we have signed today with the President d' Agostino. Our small Port of Monfalcone, but which is part of a bigger system, will be rewarded. The protocol defines, that thanks to the European project SMOOTH PORTS with its important objective of reducing CO2 emission in ports, we can together redefine the environmental aspects and impacts. This synergy will allow us, together with the ports involved in the project, to be protagonists of this growth of which we are very proud and confident."