Project Partners from Bulgaria, France, Italy and Germany will come together on the 5th and 6th of February in Livorno to discuss the progress of the project and the progress of the joint- and individual studies of the partners. Furthermore the exchange of experience is continued and project related topics such as financial management and project communication are addressed.

The afternoon session will focus on an exchange of experience with local stakeholders that introduces the PCS Platform of Livorno and will then focus on different workshops on topics such as Stakeholder involvement and current control procedures and their impact on port sustainability.

The second day will also involve stakeholders and will feature site-visits to the Port of Livorno and the Guasticce Freight village.

SMOOTH PORTS wants to utilise the differences of the project partners’ ports through an exchange of effective tools and best practices. A key focus lies on finding optimal procedures for the clearance of the goods that are so vital for society and commerce – making their processing speedy and avoiding unnecessary burdens on environment and people. A further focus will be on the different approaches regarding Information and Communications Technology solutions for various traffic related port activities as well as on the question what alternative fuels can power port activities in the future.