Durham will be hosting the 3rd SME POWER Regional Energy Stakeholder (RES) meeting, bringing together local, regional and national contacts. The purpose of the meeting is to explore and develop ideas for the Action Plan.

The RES group meeting will mainly be looking to share the International Partners Good Practice examples with members of the Durham group, highlighting some of the approaches and strategies used by partners in their ESIF and other programmes. 

Particularly, Durham County Council will highlight the Good Practice from Slovenia as one they would like to incorporate into their work in Durham. The UK partner of the SME POWER project will be looking to develop a coherent approach to energy efficiency across the tourism sector, bringing together specialists from this field to scope out what support is currently available and how learning from Slovenia could improve the offer. 

The findings from this 3rd RES Group Meeting in the UK will be used to influence future policy. 

Outcomes from the meeting will be communicated to the international SME POWER partnership through virtual meetings and bilateral calls.