This first meeting of the working group so called RES-CyL (Regional Energy Stakeholders of Castilla y León) to discuss how to improve energy efficiency supporting policies in SMEs.

It starts with the opening of the meeting and the presentation of the participants, and then the SME Power Project will be presented, as well as the objective political instrument that is intended to be improved.

Subsequently, the results of the surveys carried out on some of the stakeholders will be presented to attendees: strengths, weaknesses and proposals for improvement.  Then, forces field analysis will be carried out, and this will happen in different groups, where for each of the proposed improvements, the forces in favour of change and the forces against will be analysed.  

The next step will be to present the analysis of each group where participants will share the deductions obtained in each working group. 

Finally, the conclusions are presented: for each of the proposed change, how to strengthen the forces in favour and how to weaken the forces against.

All conclusions will be incorporated into the Energy Support Map for SMEs in Castilla y León.

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