The SME POWER Project foresees, among other activities, the establishment of a working group called Regional Energy Stakeholder Group (RES Group) which includes various trade associations, a representative of the academic world and the contact person for the management of EU funds in the energy sector of the Tuscany Region.

In September 2019, just before the project Kick-off Meeting held in Florence, the Italian Regional Energy Stakeholder Group was set up with the aim of improving the regional energy policy tools that offer support to SMEs in the implementation of energy efficiency measures.

This RES Group will have to participate in local meetings organised by ARRR every semester in order to evaluate the effectiveness of energy support policies for SMEs and provide contributions to improve these policies.

The organisation of the first meeting, will take place in Florence on January 15th 2020, and was agreed with the representative of the Tuscany Region (managing Authority). 

During the Kick-off Meeting in September 2019 held in Florence, a common questionnaire for the stakeholder was prepared by all the European partners. This document aims to collate, in the light of the stakeholders’ experience, inputs for the preparation of the "energy support map".  It will be a source that provides an overview of the energy support programs available in the region, with the relative strengths and weaknesses, and analyses proposed changes aimed at strengthening these programs. 

In December 2019 the first draft of the Italian questionnaire and of the Energy Support Map were issued and consequently sent via email to the stakeholders so that they could be prepared for the joint discussion, analysis and agreement of the document during the first Regional Energy Stakeholder Group Meeting.