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2 stakeholder meetings: focus on good practice PIUS


On the 9 September 2020, two SMEPlus regional stakeholder meetings took place.

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Interview with a stakeholder: RKW Hessen


Christian Engers, House of Energy, interviewed Sasa Petric and asked some...

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Interview with a stakeholder: Province of Drenthe


During one of the meetings, Maya Janssen, Province of Groningen, asked Rein...

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Energy efficiency in SMEs benefits all!


Increasing energy efficiency in industrial SMEs brings benefits to a wide range...

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SMEPlus meeting with Romanian stakeholders


SMEPlus project partners met online on 29 June to discuss energy efficiency in...

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2nd German stakeholder meeting - exchange continues


2nd stakeholder meeting in Hessen took place on June 18, hosted by the House of...

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SMEPlus meeting & study visit in Austria


The question how industrial SMEs can increase their energy efficiency occupies...

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Regional stakeholder meeting in Logroño, Spain


The first stakeholder meeting in Spain introduced the project to the regional...

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First SMEPlus stakeholder meeting in Romania


The South-West Oltenia Regional Developing Agency organised on the 29th of...

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Stakeholder meeting at Regionalmanagement Burgenland


The first very constructive meeting with the local SMEPlus stakeholders in...

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SMEPlus stakeholder meeting in Wiesbaden, DE


On January 23, 2020, the first German SMEPlus stakeholder meeting took place in...

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Main takeaways from Interreg Europe Project seminars


Main takeaways from the Interreg Europe project seminars will help us in the...

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