Regional Strategies and Incentives for the Green and Digital Transition

On June 22nd, the SMARTY project is bringing together a panel of experts from the participating regions—Tuscany (Italy), Flanders (Belgium), Lapland (Finland), Mazovia (Poland), Slovenia, Castilla y León (Spain), Catalonia (Spain), Leeds City Region (UK)—and other European territories, to discuss the regional strategies and incentives for supporting the green and digital transition of SMEs. The virtual event will be structured around two round-table sessions, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn about the good practices identified by the SMARTY partners this semester.

Here's what you will learn: 

  • How Regional Governments are translating the Green and Digital EU Programs into their regional policies and strategies
  • Which incentives are being applied by the regions, and how they create synergies between the different funding mechanisms

Join us for the 3rd SMARTY Interregional Policy Brokerage on June 22nd at 9:30 / 13:30 CET.