How to make sure that everybody got your message? How to ensure that all citizens know about the latest sorting rules implemented?

Every public authority has at least faced this question one day.

Kolding Municipality found a way to secure successful interactions with its 94,000 citizens and get through its important information: setting up a Waste Management Communication Task Force. It comes mainly from a political will to support an increased communication effort in link with the increase in new services and projects laid down in the first part (2014-2019) of the municipal Waste Management Plan 2014-2024. The creation of the Task Force also echoes the need for knowledge on correct waste sorting and the wish for more waste sorting for reuse and recycling voiced by citizens.
Strong of five full-time employees and 8-12 part-time event team assistants, the Task Force is responsible for both internal and external communication, providing support to other colleagues working with projects where citizens’ involvement or getting information out to citizens (or companies) is important.

Find out more about the task force in this SMART WASTE Good Practice.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash