Some might argue that recycling hazardous waste is not easy because they do not have time to go to the recycling station to hand in this waste type. This is not an excuse anymore in Kolding Municipality where it is possible to hand in hazardous waste no matter what time it is, night and day.

24/7 secured collection

To maximize collection and correct treatment of hazardous waste Kolding Municipality’s Waste Management Department Redux introduced the possibility for citizens and companies to hand in hazardous waste day and night at local recycling stations (where there was already 24/7 access through a Waste App or SMS). The easier it is to hand in and sort waste, the more waste is handed in and sorted correctly.

An app, a conveyor belt… et voilà !

Using a Waste App, users can open a hatch in the building where hazardous waste is stored securely. An empty box arrives by a conveyor belt, waste is put in the box, a button is pushed, the hatch closes and the waste is transported to a safe storage via the conveyor belt.

Proven success

The service was run as a pilot project on one local recycling station in a town with a smaller population (approximately 5,000 citizens) from January 2019 to December 2019 and was used a total of 2,100 times. The result was satisfying and thus it was decided to extend the service to the other recycling stations from March 2020. Between March 2020 and June 2020, the service has been used more than 2,000 times across four local recycling stations.

Would you be interested to implement such a collection on your territory? Check this SMART WASTE Good Practice for more details.