Who said that separate municipal waste collection in South Central Bulgaria is mission impossible?

The Municipality of Zlatograd is facing a difficult challenge: while the minimum wage and social security payments are increasing gradually, the waste collection and transportation costs are also increasing together with costs associated to the depreciation of garbage trucks and the necessary funds for repairs.

Still, this Bulgarian municipality managed to actively engaged in optimizing its existing waste management system without increasing the municipal waste fees. A door-to-door separate collection system is now at work in Zlatograd with already positive results: the waste disposal on the landfill dropped in 2019 by 20 % compared to year 2013 from 2,600 tonnes/year in 2013 to 2,100 tons/year in 2019. The positive impact on the environment is demonstrated by reduction of illegal dumping of waste by 50% for the same period.

Curious to know how the Municipality was able to achieve its goal of improving its services without increasing the fees?

The answer is in this SMART WASTE Good Practice.