In this self-portrait, discover SMART WASTE's lead partner the Resources Recovery Regional Agency in Tuscany, Italy. 

ARRR is a public company owned by the Tuscany Region. We support Tuscany in developing policy instruments for waste management and in monitoring waste management policies results.

In Tuscany, municipal waste separate collection for recycling is above 56% (2018). Among them, almost 100 municipalities have separate collection rates above 65%. These achievements were made possible thanks to the implementation of the “door to door systems” put in place for municipal waste collection. The system goes like this: every household has different bins and bags, with the instructions to sort recyclable waste properly.
Moreover, in many municipalities, the more citizens sort their waste for recycling, the lower they have to pay for the waste management service they receive: this is the pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) principle.

Another important mean to maximize waste recycling is the know–as–you-throw (KAYT): communication campaign to support citizens in producing less waste and better perform recyclables waste at home.

We want to learn from our partners in SMART WASTE how to support Tuscany Region in delivering better policies for sustainable waste management to benefit both citizens and companies in our Region.