Representatives of ARRR were invited to present SMART WASTE during the WINPOL thrid sematic seminar on Innovative tariffication organised by ACR+.

During this seminar, the WINPOL partners tackled the complex question of fee modulation. They investigated how innovation can help setting up schemes that charge waste producers on the basis of the actual amount of waste generated. The examples unveiled at this occasion are closing the project’s database of good practices. It included a presentation of the PAYT system in place in Catalonia and in Gijón. Speakers also discussed relevant indicators for evaluating projects effectiveness and efficiency, both on the environmental and economic point of view.

This was the occasion for ARRR to create links with other organisation, including ARC, the Catalan Waste Agency.

If you want to watch the webinar, or simply check the speakers' presentations, the WINPOL project has all saved it on its event page.