What strategy can be used to cover municipal waste management costs? What model should be used to push for more recycling?

Financial incentives have recently gained more coverage and interest from the sector and from the EU, following the revised Waste Framework Directive.

In order to improve their waste management strategies, the WINPOL partners are investigating how innovation can help setting up schemes that charge waste producers on the basis of the effective amount of waste generated.

Inspired by the polluter pays principles, pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) is now a well-known and efficient instrument to motivate people to take responsibility for the waste they produce. Thanks to more to the ever-improving technologies, this model evolves and brings more innovative models to the sector, leading to new models such as know-as-you-throw, rewarded-as-you-throw, or mixed models.

This Third Thematic Seminar of the WINPOL project, organised by ACR+, will explore some of them, building not only on successful cases but also understanding what the barriers and challenges can be. On this occasion, SMART WASTE will be featured as well and will present its goals, thanks to its lead partner ARRR.

To join this online event, please register in advance and join us on 23 June from 10:00 to 11:30 to get inspired. More information about the agenda is available on the event page.