The Commission is in the process of preparing guidelines to assist and facilitate Member States in the separate collection of hazardous waste fractions produced by households as required in article 20(4) of the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC (WFD). These guidelines will take into account the results of a study to which ACR+ contributed.

Concerning other waste streams covered by current or upcoming separate collection obligations, the Commission’s next steps are guided by the new ambition set out in the recently adopted European Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan where the Commission has committed to assess the feasibility of setting an EU reference model harmonising separate waste collection systems. In view of that, the Commission will now deepen its work on separate collection and related issues, using this report as one of the building blocks. This new phase will include an intensive consultation process with the Member States and relevant stakeholders in the next months, as well as further technical work.

This guidance document focuses on a separate collection of municipal waste. It reviews the EU obligations put forward by the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC as amended by Directive 2018/851 (the revised WFD) and identifies good practices for implementation. The revised WFD aims to improve the quantity and the quality of the resources fit for reuse and recycling by fostering a separate collection of waste. In order to support the Member States (MS) in transposing the EU directive in national or subnational legislation, chapter 2 contains guidance for the interpretation of the legal requirements. More specifically, it focuses on the obligations for separate collection and the derogations that can be invoked.

The document is available in all EU languages here.