Three SMART WASTE project partners, namely the Lead Partner ARRR, Municipality of Kolding and Municipality of Apeldoorn met online on 16th of April in order to have a focused discussion on project policy improvements development. That was also an opportunity for project partners’ experiences exchange on supporting innovation in waste management, which is a core activity of SMART WASTE project.

The main focus of the discussion was how to innovate municipal waste management prevention, separate collection, reuse and recycling trough better services in municipal waste collection centres as well as trough home composting. The discussion proved to be pivotal for supporting partners in developing possible and relevant improvements of policy instruments.

Representatives of the Municipality of Kolding shared their experiences and expertise in operating municipal waste centres for separate waste collection, especially highlighting innovative features applied. First of all, combining reuse services and separate waste collection services in the same installation was thoroughly detailed as a mean to provide high level of services for citizens. Moreover, the IT-based services for granting a 24/7 access to separate waste collection centres for citizens were assessed as having a high potential for being transferred and applied in both the LP’s territory and the Municipality of Apeldoorn.

Home composting of green and food waste was also highlighted as a simple and yet very effective tool for enhancing prevention and recycling of municipal waste, with a specific reference to the well-established system in Tuscany region. Home composting is also well recognised as a useful tool for carbon storage and soil properties improvement.

Considering the shared interest in the topic and in order to enhance more detailed interregional exchange of experiences, it has been agreed to have more trilateral meetings of this kind on a monthly basis.