The new 2021 Circularity Gap Report from NGO Circle Economy states that the current economy is only 8.6% circular, showing a massive Circularity Gap. According to the report, the world economy Circularity Gap widened from 9,1% to 8.6% in two years and humanity is currently consuming 100 billion tonnes (Gt) of materials: all Report indicators signal ongoing linear economy massive unsustainable effects, processes and behaviours.

This Circularity Gap Report quantitatively maps how greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and resources move through our economy, from extraction to end-of-use: material handling and use accounts for the vast majority (70%) of GHGs emitted.

In this regard, the Report strongly emphasizes the need and the benefits of applying circular strategies to reduce GHGs: according to the report this approach could bring a 39% reduction of global GHG emissions and cut virgin resource use by 28%.

The report also provides common challenges and opportunities for three overarching country profiles and tailored blueprints for action to each context.

Discover the report:

Photo: Circle Economy