On 9 December, Smart Waste lead partner ARRR met online with Green Kosice, an association of Košice Self-governing Region, Technical University of Košice, European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Via Carpatia, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ASPINNO - Agency for Support of Procurement Innovations, n.o.,  Civil Society, Local Marketplace and civil associations.

Green Kosice is active in the field of sustainable agriculture, farm to fork policies, sustainable industry and energy, building and renovation, sustainable mobility and climate action.

During that call, initiated after first contact by email thanks to the Interreg Europe website and its Policy Learning Platform, participants shared their experiences, tasks and goals for innovation in waste management. They tackled both technical aspects and the legal European framework, e.g.  new European recycling targets for municipal waste recycling, challenges in developing separate collection systems for municipal waste and a market for recycled goods.

The meeting ended with participants agreed upon giving a follow-up to this first introduction meeting as different synergies can be drawn.

Picture: Maros on Wikimedia