After two years and a half of work, the WINPOL project which tackles the same aspect as SMART WASTE - that is innovation and smart technologies in waste management - published a guide with 26 Good Practices.

The Guide covers 14 examples of “Use of data and technologies to optimise systems” and 12 “Innovative models” collected all over Europe and all of high interest for the SMART WASTE project. The practices can be explored either by geographical location or by the theme(s) associated to it. These themes cover topics as varied as feedback to citizens, civic amenity sites, fly-tipping clearance, eco-event, monitoring and decision making, etc.

One of SMART WASTE partners, Apeldoorn is featured in the Guide for Recycleservice 2025, its reversed waste collection system for residual waste with pay-as-you-throw. You can also learn about this good practice online.

Available already in English and soon in Slovenian and Spanish, the Good Practices can also be consulted online.

More details on the guide and the WINPOL project's progresses here.