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Eurostat data on total waste generation


The 2020 edition of the multi-thematic statistical book “Energy, transport and...

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Eurostat data on Circular material use rate


The multi-thematic statistical book “Energy, transport and environment...

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Eurostat new data on MSW generation and management


In mid-February 2021 Eurostat published a press release highlighting MSW...

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SMART WASTE project keeps the momentum going


On the 10th of February 2021 the SMART WASTE partners met to discuss the current...

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A COVID-19 Recovery Strategy trough Circular Economy


A new Report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation highlights overall benefits of...

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New Circularity Gap 2021 World Report


The new 2021 Circularity Gap Report from NGO Circle Economy states that the...

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Kolding joined the EWWR 2020


Last November, Kolding organised an EWWR action consisting in an online event...

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Digitalisation and innovation in waste management


Digitalisation is everywhere. How is the waste sector adapting to it? What is...

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Call for tighter EU consumption and recycling rules


EU Parliament adopted comprehensive policy recommendations to achieve a...

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A framework for enabling circular businesses


An EEA briefing ‘A framework for enabling circular business models in Europe’...

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Synthetic textiles a growing problem


A new European Environment Agency briefing looks at plastics in textiles.

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MEps call for binding 2030 targets for materials use


The Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European...

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