Project good practices

Incorporating a Circular Economy strategy into a political...

Summary: Strategic circular framework to lower the bureaucratic processes and secure actions on the circular transition.

Location: Syddanmark, Denmark (Danmark)

Waste Management Communication Task Force

Summary: Creation of a communication taskforce that works with traditional communication, physical events all around the municipality, and educating school children.

Location: Syddanmark, Denmark (Danmark)

24-hour service for handing in hazardous waste

Summary: The possibility of handing in hazardous waste day or night removes the barrier of not having time to go to the recycling station to hand in this waste type.

Location: Syddanmark, Denmark (Danmark)

Support to innovation in recycling of waste from the regional...

Summary: Call for projects concerning innovation in waste recycling of waste from the regional manufacturing sector

Location: Toscana, Italy (Italia)

Support for improvement of waste management system in Zlatograd

Summary: Separate municipal waste collection in South Central Bulgaria - mission possible

Location: Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)

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