On 23 and 24 January 2020, the SMART WASTE project partners met in Kolding, one of the largest production and business centres in Denmark. Kolding is famous for its ability to incorporate and use a common design vision and design approach within multiple municipal areas including the waste management sector.

Participants saw several concrete examples of how innovative ideas come to life through the municipality's design approach:

  • a new recycling station designed for maximizing reuse and running 24/7 on recycling stations since 2019,
  • Reform Treasury - a collection of local leftover resources made available for schools and other institutions,
  • Reuse - a job activation offer for local citizens, based on reuse and recycling activities, 
  • SHEworks - a sewing project for local women upcycling waste textiles to higher value textile products since January 2020,
  • Redesign Workshop - an open platform for internal and external circular economy activities such as repair cafés, upcycling workshops, and events about reuse,
  • a visit to the national school of design and to the municipality's design secretariat.

Apart from the Kolding-specific activities, partners worked on local evaluation methodologies, on communication, and on the upcoming activities of the project.