On 11 April, partners from Interreg EU projects (incl. SmartPilots) and the partnerships working under the S3 Platform for Industrial Modernisation, will meet in Rovaniemi (FI) to explore possible synergies and new ways for cooperation.

During the event, organised by Interreg Europe together with the European Commission and the Lapland region, the participants will hear about the work of the S3 Platform for Industrial Modernisation (S3P-Industry) and the Interreg Europe programme and learn about the importance of interregional collaboration for industrial modernisation.

Supported by Interreg Europe’s Policy Learning Platform, two break-out sessions will be held in the afternoon. The first session will target projects representing specific sectors. Among others, the floor will thus be given to Interreg Europe projects such as HELIUM, RESET and S3Chem for first exchanges with, for instance, the S3P-Industry initiatives on Smart Regional Investments in Textile Innovation and Medical technology. 

The second session will put spotlight on the topic of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), thus bringing together interregional consortia such as Photonics and New Nano-Enabled Products (S3P-Industry) as well as NMP-REG and STEPHANIE from the Interreg Europe community.

Altogether, 19 Interreg Europe projects and 10 S3P partnerships will use the opportunity of the break-out sessions to discuss potential synergies and complementarities, share experiences and results, and identify possibilities for future cooperation.