No less than seven hundred participants gathered on February 19th, 2018 at the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Ghent, Belgium), for the IMPACT Inauguration Event.
A good opportunity to further introduce SmartPilots and who can do this better
than SUSAN
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The IMPACT Event inaugurated a new investment of 9.36 million euros at BBEPP. Thanks to this investment, the organization can offer new state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment for industrial biotechnology, specifically for gas fermentation and downstream processing.
Gas fermentation is an innovative technology for converting waste gases such as CO2 and syngas into a wide range of chemicals using micro-organisms. It is a sustainable technology with great potential to stop global warming.
A new process hall for downstream processing is also being built to host new equipment for purifying the end products after the biotechnological or chemical conversion step.

Seven hundred participants, a nice confirmation that there is a high need for shared pilot facilities. This is not a surprise, as the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant helps industry to develop more environmentally friendly and efficient processes. It plays a key role in the further development of the bio-economy, a sustainable and circular knowledge economy that does not only offer an answer to climate change, but also stimulates economic growth and job creation.

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