The INTERREG EU Policy Learning Platform on Research and innovation just released a Policy Brief entitled: 'Towards synergies between S3P-Industry and Interreg Europe projects'. 

This policy brief identifies potential complementarities and synergies between partnerships of the Smart Specialisation Thematic Platform for Industrial Modernisation (S3P-Industry) and Interreg Europe projects. Many regions are active in both communities, and the similarities in stakeholder groups and thematic interests is a starting point for identifying opportunities for innovation-led interregional cooperation. The policy brief looks into how the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform may be of support to this cooperation, before concluding with four concrete suggestions for enhancing synergies between the two project communities. 

The SmartPilots is mentioned several times as good practice:

  • Page 5, Table 1: Mapping of S3P-Industry Partnerships and Interreg Europe projects by thematic domain.
  • Page 7:  Interreg Europe projects can contribute to the acceleration of pilot initiatives
  • Page 8: Developing Financial Instruments and preparing for Interregional Innovation Coinvestments