Fans of our SmartPilots video might recognize the leading actress in the newly released Pilots4u video? No, you are not mistaken, this video is starring SUSAN!

Since the release of the SmartPilots video, Susan, the leading actress in this video, became immensely popular. No wonder, she is young, dynamic, creative, inventive and venturous ... and does a really good job explaining what pilot and demonstration facilities are and how they can help to bring innovative products and processes from the laboratory to the market. 
The SmartPilots and Pilots4U projects both work on the theme 'pilot and demonstration infrastructures for the bio-economy' and therefor Pilots4U decided to adopt Susan. SmartPilots and Pilots4U both have the same coordinator: the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. 

Click here to watch the Pilots4U video, starring SUSAN!