The SmartPilots project was invited to participate today in a roundtable session entitled 'Shared Pilot Facilities: the experience of European Smartpilots', held at the largest bioeconomy event in Italy: IFIB 2017

The Roundtable was held around noon and was chaired by Dr. Christian Patermann, Former Director EU Commission and Advisor to the German Government for Bioeconomy. From the SmartPilots project partners I. Bonetti (INNOVHUB-SSI, I), P. Flippo (Bioprocess Pilot Facility, NL), B. Vanlerberghe (Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, B) and M. Vänskä (VTT, FIN) were on the panel as well as  Mena Sanz (CLAMBER R&D Biorefinery, E) and D. Porro (University of Milano Bicocca, I). The aim of the roundtable was to discuss the role of shared pilot facilities in fostering the bioeconomy in Europe.

The IFIB 2017 event was attended by more than 260 people. 

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