Project good practices

Regulation framework for sharing mobility services

Summary: Regulatory framework for sharing mobility systems aimed at allowing companies to operate in a safe and stable manner while minimising their negative impacts.

Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)

FutureBuilt – a tool for developing carbon neutral urban areas...

Summary: FutureBuilt - developing carbon neutral urban areas and high-quality architecture. The aim is 50 pilot projects with the lowest possible CO2 emissions.

Location: Oslo og Akershus, Norway (Norge)

Sopotniki - Cotravellers

Summary: Sopotniki ( cotravellers) is an organization for intergenerational solidarity which was established to help elders get involved in active social life.

Location: Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

Green Ticket (T-verda metropolitana)

Summary: The Green Ticket is a new transport ticket, is a 3 year free pass, for citizens who get rid of their old pollutant vehicles.

Location: Burgenland AT, Austria (Österreich)

ANDA – The new ticketing system of Porto Metropolitan Area

Summary: ANDA is a mobile ticketing system for the Metropolitan Area of Porto, using an ex-post billing that optimizes the cost of using public transport.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Application of the first Superblock

Summary: Superblocks are configured as urban units constituted by the sum of several blocks of houses where streets are pacified to recover public space for pedestrians.

Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)

Mobility analyses for sub-regions in Akershus county

Summary: The objective was to develop a common platform of knowledge, about transport and land-use, between transport-agencies and local municipalities.

Location: Oslo og Akershus, Norway (Norge)

HLJ2015- Integrated planning process of land use plan, housing...

Summary: Helsinki Region Transport System Plan (HLJ 2015) was drawn up for the first time combining regional land use plan, housing strategy and transport system plan.

Location: Helsinki-Uusimaa, Finland (Suomi)

Transport planning principle towards sustainable modes of...

Summary: Transport planning principle: all planning is serving the needs of walking, cycling, public transport, freight transport and passanger cars in this order.

Location: Helsinki-Uusimaa, Finland (Suomi)

Pilot of free parking places for city logistics

Summary: A pilot of an app for finding free parking places for city logistics, aiming to enhance distribution, reduce emissions and problems in city deliveries.

Location: Helsinki-Uusimaa, Finland (Suomi)

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